How to install Pyaudio? I can’t install Pyaudio on windows?

How to install Pyaudio?
I can’t install Pyaudio on windows?


If you are using windows operating system and you face this error:



That mean your system don’t have required Build tools for making pyaudio wheel. So here two ways to solve the error one of them is below…


Search for “unofficial python binaries” on Google.


Go to:

Or click here

On this site you find many python modules in wheel file.


Than search for pyaudio by pressing “CTRL+F”

Click on Pyaudio:


Here you select pyaudio version according to your pc and your installed python version:



If you have 64 bit pc and you install 32 bit python so you have to download 32bit version of pyaudio.

If you don’t know your python version, Go to CMD or power shell and type python and press ENTER:

Click on write version for download and open in folder. Open Power Shell window in same folder.

You can do it with:

“SHIFT+MOUSE RIGHT KEY” and click on “open power shell window here”

Than type “pip install filename” and ENTER.

Note: if you type py only and press TAB it will be completed automatically. If there are no file name starting with py.


Your pyaudio successfully install. If you face any problem it means your downloaded file is not supported your bit version please recheck and retry.

It will work and you can also download other python from this site and install.


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